VC2000 Column Gauge

Intuitive, easy to use electronic column gauge with simple selector switches and rotary controls. Ready to use out of the box - no programming, no menus. Just power up, connect the probe(s) and go!

Key Features:

◊ Bright, easy-to-read, 100 bar LED display
◊ 3½ digit red LED numeric display
◊ Large Red, Green, Amber tolerance indication
◊ Security recessed zero control
◊ 6 Metric Ranges - ±5.0µm to ±1.5mm
◊ 6 Imperial Ranges (optional) - ±0.15 thou to ±50.0 thou
◊ 2 Probe inputs – easy mixing…A, B, A+B, A-B etc.
◊ TIR version available
◊ Resolution 0.1µm
◊ RS232 output … connect to PC
◊ Probe Mixing … inter-connect 2 or more gauges
◊ Wide range input voltage

VC2000 + Probe & Stand Assy

VC2000+Probe T101F+Stand


Non-Contact Gauging System

The Hoverprobe provides a unique 'cushion of air' non-contact
means for measuring a wide variety of materials and shapes.
Simple to use and set up, almost any homogeneous material
can be measured with all the advantages of electronic
systems including tolerance lamps, data capture and spc.


Key Features:

◊ Gauges any non-porous material
◊ Eliminates contact contamination of delicate surfaces
◊ No burnish marks on superfinished surfaces
◊ Measures to 0.001mm / 0.000 05"in
◊ Particularly suited to measurement of plastics,
hard rubber, thin film, silicon wafers, and highly
polished surfaces.


VC2000 Hoverprobe System

Non-contact gauge

Hoverprobe Tip

6mm Hoverprobe Tip