Lever Probes


Model GT31 is ideal for gauging awkward features which are not easily accessible using standard axial type probes.

The 32mm stylus is balanced and pivoted on ball bearings, and is protected against lateral jarring by two safety clutches. A key feature is the automatic reversal of the stylus direction, while the polarity of the gauge reading remains unchanged.

Stylus options are for ball tip Ø (1, 2 & 3mm + one-piece shaft & Ø1, 2, 3 & 4mm + two-piece shaft). 

Ø2mm + one-piece shaft supplied as standard.

A rugged one piece housing with matt chrome finish makes it ideal for use in the harshest of workshop environments. 'Top' and 'end' dovetails in conjunction with various mounting accessories gives multiple options for positioning of the probe stylus.


Three models available with different tip force options: 0.1N (standard), 0.2N & 0.02N


Measuring Range = ±0.3 mm

Repeatability = 0.25 µm

Linearity over range = 0.25%


Note on the use of Lever Gauges:

With the stylus lying parallel to the workpiece surface (fig. A), a true reading is given due to the amplification factor being 1:1

In a non-parallel position (angle α in fig.B),  the effective lever length changes so the reading requires correction (see instruction manual for details).

Stylus angle

Stylus angle

GT31 Lever Probe

GT31 Lever Probe

GT31 dimensions

GT31 dimensions

Dovetail dimensions