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Air Gauging

Measuring Bores

When ordering standard Air Plug Gauges it is important to state your exact requirements to enable us to give an accurate quote. Please complete the form opposite with as much information as possible. For complex bores, a drawing is the best way to demonstrate your requirement as it eliminates any chance of mis-understanding. This is particularly true where features such as lands and apertures can affect whether standard or special tooling is required.

Measuring Shafts

High accuracy with minimum skill, Air Ring Gauges are most suited to applications where electronic gauging of outside diameters is not practical or where contact methods are not desirable. Two jet Air Ring Gauges give rapid means for exploring shafts for size, ovality and taper. Jets are normally positioned centrally but can be supplied offset for gauging up to a shoulder. Miniature gauges are hand-held. Standard gauges can be mounted directly to the display unit, bench mounted or hand-held using Universal Adaptor Handle with flexible hose. 90° adaptor is available to suit the application.

Electronic Gauging

It is possible to measure many features using one or two probes in single or differential modes. The combination of probes with different polarity settings allows for measuring:

  • Thickness / Height
  • Straightness
  • Diameter / Cylindricity
  • Taper
  • Position
  • Run-out
  • Squareness
  • Lobing

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