Medium Air Plug Gauges

'M' type  Air Plug Gauges are available in the size range:

6.30 - 62.0mm (0.25 - 2.5in)

They are connected directly to the gauge via the bayonet connector.

They are used to measure both Through & Blind bores, but this feature must be specified at time of order.

To suit the application, connection to the gauge may also be made with the Universal Adaptor Handle or 90º Adaptor.


To gauge hole depths  in excess of 30.0mm (1.18in), extensions of 25 - 375mm (1 - 15in)  in 25mm (1in) steps may be fitted.

Extensions for plugs below Ø14mm (0.55in) are factory fitted and must be requested at time of order [max length 200mm (8in)].

Medium Air Plug Gauge

'M' type APG


When asking for a quotation or placing an order, it is important to specify your requirements according to the information in 'How to Order'.

Medium Air Plug Gauge dgm