Large Air Plug Gauges

'L' type  Air Plug Gauges are available in the size range:

62.0 - 150mm (2.44 - 5.9in)

They are made from nitralloy or hard chrome plated. These plugs are best suited for use on gauges with a measuring range of 0.1mm (0.004in).

They are used to measure both Through & Blind bores, but this feature must be specified at time of order.

Plugs are supplied fitted with 100mm (4in) handle and flexible hose. Other sizes are available to order. Front face is chamfer ground for easy entry, and to reduce weight, larger sizes are made in 'cruciform' shape.

For bore sizes greater than Ø150mm (5.9in) plugs can be supplied to special order and are designed to suit the application.



When asking for a quotation or placing an order, it is important to specify your requirements according to the information in 'How to Order'.

Large Air Plug Gauge

'L' type APG

Large Air Plug Gauge dgm