Clearline Air Gauge Units

Clearline units are available with 4 model options.

2 x metric only scale: ±25 µm  or  ±50 µm

2 x inch/metric scale: ±0.001in/±25µm  or  ±0.002in/±50 µm

Key Features:

◊ Clear circular scale with large pointer

◊ Single measuring channel

◊ Bayonet connector for mounting Air Plug or Air Ring Gauge

◊ Double filtration for liquid and solid contaminants

◊ Integrated pressure regulator and monogauge

Clearline Air Gauge Unit

Clearline 2 unit


Clearline Dials

Clearline Dials



Multi-way Clearline

Based on the Clearline 2  Air Gauge Unit, the multi-way Clearline provides  an economical and space saving option for  the use of up to three measuring heads (plugs or rings).


Bayonet connectors are located at the rear of the unit and each gauge channel consists of a completely independant circuit with individual mag and zero controls.


Channels are selected by means of a rotary lever switch at the side of the unit. This provides a rapid means of gauging a number of dimensions without the need to change and reset the measuring heads.

To specify the dial required, prefix Model No. quoted in above table with 3, e.g 3/A100-23 for Multi-way Clearline with ±0.025mm dial.


Multiway Clearline Unit